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Shaving is tricky and it's easy to cut yourself or end up with a nasty case of razor rash. As for the color, everyone's vagina is a different color.

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Using a razor is the bottom choice in bikini maintenance, but if you have no access to your own money it's probably the only choice you can afford. However, by searching through porn out of curiosity to see if mine is normal, I noticed that I happen to have a lot of razor bumps, ingrown... If all you have are the disposables you will never get decent results.

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Now you really must exfoliate every day to try and prevent ingrown hairs, it's not fool proof but it will make it less of a problem. Feminist -"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" Feminist -"Its' a man's job to protect and provide for women and children". Now you need good lubrication between your skin and your razor.

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Every day shaving can be too much for some women. Those women in porn get waxed or lasered. Answer Questions There is s really fat feminist who lives above me, or perhaps could it be a herd of Elephants? Am I out of line regarding this woman and her autistic son?

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