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Hmmm, like several other women here, I seem to be strictly straight---a freak according to this study. I am a woman, and I have literally zero attraction to other women. We know when we are turned on.

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The men who want harems deserve to be neutred. I think, maybe, they are trying to understand and explain the mind of a woman from the perspective of how a man's mind works. Or whatever see is going on, they subconsciously imagine themselves as the recipient.

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This is the fantasy of those who want HAREMS, and considering current affairs, who is president of US, and who the real hidden hand families are out of certain region of Iran from annanuki days on, who became Rome, can certainly see what group that is and who paid off these "scientists or social scientists". They can crawl back under the demonic rocks they crawled out of. Kinsey used a number system, he also got into some legal issues by interviewing married men that were having sex with men in public restrooms. I do believe that some people have no same sex program though but then again that may change with age, I don't know what people are thinking when it comes to attractions.

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It looks like you're using an Ad Blocker. Most women don't really care for porn.

Bisexual study against reiger
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