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Refers to members of sex groups that do not fall into the majority categories of male or female, such as intersexuals and transsexuals. Discrimination The act of showing partiality or prejudice; a prejudicial act. Agender A person who is internally ungendered or does not have a felt sense of gender identity.

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This used to be defined as a person who is attracted to both genders or both sexes, but since there are not only two sexes see intersex and transsexual and there are not only two genders see transgender , this definition is inaccurate. Straight Person who is attracted to a gender other than their own.

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Drag The act of dressing in gendered clothing and adopting gendered behviors as part of a performance, most often clothing and behaviors typically not associated with your gender identity. Men attracted to men. Drag Kings perform masculinity theatrically. Organizers chose the letter "L" to signify liberation.

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Paul's United Church of Christ. Asexuality is also a sexual orientation.

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